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Soil Testing

Have Questions?

We analyze the soil on your land to determine what kind of septic system you can install and the best location on your property for the system. We will look for and identify the area which yields the lowest cost septic system.


When you call to book an appointment, be prepared to present the following information:

  • County

  • Township

  • Parcel Number

  • House plans (If building on property)

  • Plot Plan showing property lines & dimensions

You will receive a 3 page document containing your soil test results as well as a scale map of the potential leaching or mound areas.

It is best that you be at the field appointment. This will allow us to ask questions about location preferences. If your preferred area is not suitable we would be able to discuss with you the next best area.  

Before leaving the site we will usually have an answer as to where the system will be, what type of system will be used, and a vague price for your budgeting purposes.

For the best results please be sure the area is clear of any dense underbrush and can easily be navigated.


Septic Design

The next step after a soil test is a septic design. Once a location is established, we will design a septic system custom to your land and building plans according to the Ohio Department of Health standards. This design will be based off the soil map determined in the soil testing. The potential leaching or mound area will need to be cleared for the design to take place. We will lay out the system on the property to determine an exact fit.

The information we must have to accomplish this is: 

  • County

  • Township

  • Parcel Number

  • Lot Number*

  • House plans including # of bedrooms

  • Plot Plan showing property lines & dimensions

  • Site Plan showing where house is located on property

  • A Completed Soil Test of exact property

Once a design is complete you will receive a 2-3 page document with a completed design to submit to your county for a septic permit and to give to a septic installer.

*If Applicable 

Please call (513)-934-1040 if you have any further questions.

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